Frequently Asked Questions:

What are enzymes?

It is a substance that acts as catalyst and can eliminate Free Radicals from our body.

Where can we get enzymes?

Normally our body contains enzymes, thousands of it, but as time goes, our body suffer from enzyme deficiency due to different factors such as aging, free radical injury and unhealthy diet. On the other hand, we can get  enzymes from raw herbs, fruits and vegetables.

What do we mean by raw?

Uncooked and unripe, most of fruits and vegetables are rich in enzyme in this condition.

What are Free Radicals?

They are the TOXIC CHEMICALS that can directly cause damage to the cells. It can be produced by our body during different processes and can get also from outside sources such as pollution, smoking, alcohol drinking, drugs, preservatives, radiation, pesticides and stress.

How does Free Radicals affect our Health Condition?

Since Free Radicals are Toxic molecules they can create damage to the cells. When our cells are damaged, this damage could lead to any types of diseases.

How can enzymes help our body?

Since enzymes are considered as a very valuable substance in the body. It helps our cell to eliminate toxic chemicals and also used to connect task from cell to cell.

Can Enzymes cure diseases?

We cannot say that enzyme can cure diseases, but the fact that enzyme can prevent cell damage through the scavenging of free radicals, it can HELP our body to recover fast from diseases.

What is Systemic Enzyme Therapy?

It is a new type of therapy based on naturopathy, using a specific and potent type of enzymes. This therapy helps to flush out toxins fast compared to the ordinary types of detoxification.

What are the common enzymes that our body needs?

These are the following — Digestive enzyme: helps for digestion, eliminates food toxins, and helps liver to eradicate harmful toxins from drugs. — Metabolic enzymes: These enzymes are responsible for our metabolism. And also Aids in cell repair process. — Anti- Oxidant enzymes: Enzymes that prevents oxidation cause by harmful toxic based oxygen molecules. — Microbial enzymes: special types of enzymes produced by uncommon beneficial microorganism.

Where can we get all of these enzymes?

Bio Enzyme Plus has these enzymes. For More info attend our PHD program.

What are the contents of Bio Enzyme Plus?

Bio Enzyme Plus contains enzymes extracts from a variety of fruits such as Papaya, Pineapple, Grapes, Apple, Guava, sugar cane, herbs and vegetables.

Does Bio Enzyme Plus contain preservatives?

We are glad to say that our Bio Enzyme Plus product contains no chemical additives, colorings and preservatives. We also do not use sodium benzoates as common food enhancer. Bio Enzyme Plus is 100% NATURAL.

Source: http://bioenzymeplus.com.ph